Air Egress Versus Regular Vinyl

Air Egress Versus Regular Vinyl

What is Air-Egress?

'Air-Egress' release liners are designed with air channels that greatly reduce air entrapment, which greatly reduces bubbles and wrinkling. Air-egress films offer a perfect solution for easier and faster graphic installation, which leads to more profit dollars. The best part? They are user friendly for individuals with all experience levels.

When Should You Use Air-Egress Liners?

Air-egress vinyls are the perfect solution to ensure a seamless, smooth application! Simply peel back the pre-mask or liner and apply. Working from the center outward using a squeegee to release the air bubbles through the air-egress channels. Large graphics and wide format prints are much easier to install using Air Egress films.

Please note, it is recommended that air-egress vinyls are applied dry. Do not use any liquid substance in the application process. Air Egress films eliminate the need for wet application.

What's The Downside?

Air-egress vinyls tend to be more costly that traditional vinyl and can be unnecessary for smaller graphic installs. If you're unsure what vinyl would suit your application the best, get in touch with one of our account managers today.

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